EMEA Consumer Voice Report 2024

Tackling the brand loyalty crisis

As of 2024, 78% of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) consumers say they are less loyal to brands now than they were two years ago. 

Customer expectations are evolving, with 70% of EMEA consumers saying they would like to see all brands offering full 24/7 customer service become standard practice by 2030. 

That being said, organisations can still drive long-lasting customer relationships with the right strategy. To find out what that looks like, we asked 15,000 customers across EMEA what they want from a standout experience. 

Delve into the full Consumer Voice Report for 2024 to learn:  

  • Why flexibility and choice will be key differentiators 
  • The need to balance high tech with high touch 
  • How digital innovations can revolutionise customer relationships 

Download the full report and learn how your organisation can tackle the brand loyalty crisis moving forward.

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