Level up your Digital Adoption Strategy with Smooth Content Creation, Superior Support

76% of DAP buyers said that end-user functionality is the most important capability they considered while purchasing a DAP solution. What does your goal look like? In this report, Everest Group delves into survey-based research of DAP buyers. It aims to uncover the core issues solved by DAPs, buyer objectives, key features, organizational benefits, and […]

A Buyer’s Guideto Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) -2022

A Buyer’s Guideto Digital AdoptionPlatforms (DAPs) -2022

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) market is quickly gaining recognition due to the vast benefits itoffers organizations. These benefits have also helped it capture the interest of senior executivesfrom various departments – from IT to HR and product owners to customer support/successleaders. With DAP, organizations have realized higher Return on Investment (RoI) from softwareinvestments, with […]