Why your reputation matters: CEOs ranked by Covid response


Executives must be able to communicate effectively during times of crisis. Here’s why.

  • We’re currently experiencing a time of unprecedented crisis. Communicating with stakeholders effectively could make or break your organization. We looked at how business’ most influential figures have been handling COVID-19. Our CEO Leaderboard ranks the Fortune 100 CEOs based on how their perceptions have shifted throughout the pandemic across digital, social and media landscapes. This study includes:
    • A full ranking of the Fortune 100 CEOs according to perception
    • Our methodology
    • Prevailing industries and corresponding rankings
    • Key actionable takeaways to be applied to any executive communication strategy
    • Examples of standout successful moments
  • By downloading this study, you will learn how to engage with the people who matter most to your organization’s success.  As the new normal sets in, the voices who communicate meaningfully and authentically will stand out. Learn from those who are doing it well — and more importantly — who are not.

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