The Guide to Strategic Security Testing

Applying XDR to broadband critical networks’ cybersecurity - CCW 23

It’s time to embrace a transformational security testing solution

Annual testing does not keep pace with today’s agile development life cycles that introduce new code daily. Moreover current security testing methodologies often treat all assets the same despite a varied level of risk.

Synack’s strategic approach provides continuous pentesting and remediation guidance that actually improves your security posture, unlike more tactical approaches that claim success when regulators are satisfied. With the Synack Platform, organizations can have an effective security testing solution that adheres to their unique and evolving security testing demands.

Have all of your security testing needs, all on one platform. Benefits include:

  • Identifying root causes of your organization’s vulnerabilities
  • On-demand and continuous testing
  • Vulnerability management and patch verification
  • Real-time and actionable analytics into your attack surface and how it’s improving
  • Top-tier customer support, available 24/7 to meet your needs

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