Supercharged Security


With cyber attacks, every second counts — and has a cost.

Security operations teams are under pressure to defend against cyber threats and contain the cost of breaches — protecting network environments that have never been more open or more challenging to secure.

Cloudification, multiplying application programming interfaces (APIs), and open 5G architectures are dramatically increasing the network attack surface, giving malicious actors more points of entry and more opportunities to break through. Communications service provider (CSP) security teams have to scramble to fend off attacks amid nonstop alerts and floods of log data that make it hard to tell real incidents from false alarms. All while the costs and consequences of breaches continue to climb.

To conquer the challenge and protect the network, CSP security operations teams need smart, fast tools to identify and respond to threats in real time — such as the automated, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome.

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