Software security across the intelligent edge


Security Must Cover Every Single Endpoint Device, Through the Entire Lifecycle

Nearly every device will work through the cloud in some way, and 80% of the data we all create, consume, and are part of will go through the 5G cloud. However, currently a mere 11.5% of all corporations are digitally transforming successfully,1 which means that a majority of organizations still face huge challenges to their ability to thrive in the coming digital-centered world.

Security is foremost among those challenges. Imagine the complexities of designing security protocols in this new and evolving world. More than half of technology leaders see multiple security concerns directly connected to digital transformation initiatives, including increased cybersecurity risks (53%), cybercriminal sophistication (56%), and increased threat surface (53%). These threats are compounded by another concern shared by 40% of CISOs, CTOs, and CIOs: namely, the problems caused by rigid technology infrastructure — the sort of infrastructure tightly associated with embedded systems.

Consider three dynamics that are changing constantly around us, detailed in the following white paper

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