Generation future finance: Today’s must-have skills for tomorrow’s growth


As we near the end of 2021, businesses across the world are gaining a clearer view of the road ahead. For many, this means a renewed appetite for organic, acquisitive or international growth and a sharper focus on bolstering the balance sheet.

Within this context, F&A and finance leaders are playing an increasingly critical role – providing vital consultancy, analysis, planning, and due diligence to ensure sound decision making.

Skills that go beyond the traditional and transactional are increasingly in demand and a more aggressive approach to recruitment and retention could be on the horizon.

Working with independent research firm Censuswide, BlackLine surveyed C-level executives and finance and accounting professionals in organizations around the world to understand:

  • The technological and other skills F&A need today to ensure growth for tomorrow
  • The biggest barriers for recruiting and retaining F&A’s future leaders
  • What makes companies attractive for talented F&A candidates

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