Driving the Learning Journey With Actionable Assessment


A roadmap for reframing assessment in your classroom, turning data into insights that accelerate learning, and engaging students in the learning process.

The road to equitable learning is paved with student-centered assessments.

Instructure’s State of Assessment in K-12 survey results were clear; teachers and administrators agree that collectively, our approach to assessment must change. For too long, educators have had to rely on state testing data to gauge their students’ knowledge. The problem? That data is only available to teachers when it’s too late to inform instruction and actually improve student outcomes. Additionally, highstakes assessments place a heavy burden on teachers to prepare their students for the length and breadth of these state tests, disrupting everyday learning and putting unnecessary stress on teachers and students alike.

If instruction is the vehicle that drives the learning journey forward, then the road to equitable learning is paved with student-centered assessments. They serve as the foundation for getting students from point A to B, providing helpful insights along the way.

Ready to shift your assessment approach? Buckle up! We’ve rounded up three guiding assessment principles to support you in making the transition from standardized to actionable. Think of this roadmap as the shortcut to improved student outcomes.

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