Do you want to manage employee health plans, payroll, PTO, 401k, and benefits, all in one place, without changing your current plans or systems?


Zenefits’ 100% FREE HR-system allows a CXO or HR administrator to manage between 2-2000 employees, easily & all online!

For CXOs & HR managers like you, even simple changes to employee information—a new address, a marriage, etc.—can take hours. First you update your payroll system, then you edit your HRIS, and then you send paper forms to each one of your benefits providers. But what if you could do all of this with one click? And what if these systems could actually work together to help you automate everything from payroll deductions to benefits enrollment—all online, all in one place, all for free?

Today we want to tell you about a new, free HR platform that puts an end to the ‘what if’s. There are currently 2,000 companies using Zenefits, and they recently raised over $80M to revolutionize HR administration with their all-in-one online dashboard for HR, benefits, and compliance. We think you should take a look.

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