Data center & infrastructure report: key findings and trends for 2022


Service Express surveyed over 700 IT professionals to identify priorities and challenges and to record solutions that strengthen data center strategies. This 2022 Data Center & Infrastructure report presents the research, along with helpful insights and predictions for the future.

The way in which IT teams met ongoing pandemic demands and ever-increasing security challenges deserves recognition. IT leaders face real challenges in terms of time, technology, staffing and quickly shifting business environments. Service Express, a leading global data center solutions provider, shares IT feedback on priorities, challenges, workload deployment methods, decision drivers and more in their 2022 Data Center & Infrastructure Report.

Key findings include:

  • Strengthening security is a top priority
  • Security, talent, and budget are top challenges
  • Price is the top driver for IT decision-makers
  • On-prem data centers are here to stay

Download this engaging report to dive deeper into the data, along with insights from the CTO and the CIO at Service Express.

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