Composable Enterprise is the Cloud’s Next Big Thing

Enhancing Teams with enterprise-grade telephony

Digital transformation has witnessed unprecedented acceleration since the pandemic began.

All businesses—regardless of company size, vertical market or geography—shifted to a digital-first model to adapt to a world where digital technologies are the only way to interact with customers. In addition, most businesses quickly determined that hybrid work—where workers split their time between the office and home—would become the primary mode of working, putting further emphasis on digital tools to keep teams connected regardless of their physical location.

According to the ZK Research 2021 IT Priorities Survey, in the past 18 months, 49% of organizations saw their digital plans accelerate by more than a year (Exhibit 1)—primarily because legacy operating models are too slow and static, and they hold organizations back.

Because data and applications have become the hub of new business models, transforming into a digital organization requires a new way of operating IT organizations. That’s where composability comes in. Read this paper to learn more about composable enterprises and why organizations should care.

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