Build better endpoint security to protect your entire network


Discover how the KACE SMA helps you build a foundation for securing, managing and protecting your entire endpoint landscape.

The threat of a serious cyberattack is nothing new — but the situation just keeps getting more complex. As your IT environment grows, tracking and securing all the endpoints connecting to your network is a monumental task. Managing and deploying security updates is time-consuming and challenging because of the wide range of devices people use to get their work done. Every desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and internet-of-things (IoT) device connecting to your network increases the number of threats from malware and viruses.

Before you can truly gain peace of mind that your endpoints won’t fall victim to cybercrime, you’ve first got to get a handle on exactly what devices are out there in your IT environment. The Quest® KACE® Systems Management Appliance (SMA) helps you discover every endpoint connecting to your network. From there, the KACE SMA helps you automate asset inventory and deploy anti-virus software across the board. Next, automated patch management and vulnerability scanning will help ensure that all your endpoints are fully protected.

In this paper, we’ll take a closer look at how the KACE SMA can simplify these foundational steps to better endpoint security.

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