Backup Software Solidifies Enterprise Backup and Recoverability of Microsoft Office 365 Data


Many organizations globally have come to adopt Microsoft Office 365 thanks to its enterprise availability, management, and reliability features. Despite these benefits, organizations must still assume responsibility for protecting any data they store in Office 365. Only by using third party backup software can they confidently back up and recover all their Office 365 data.

Organizations of all sizes adopt Microsoft Office 365 for many viable reasons. It runs in the cloud. They no longer must buy hardware and software or retain staff to maintain it. They achieve higher levels of availability. It eliminates data migration challenges. Anyone can access their data anywhere using a variety of methods and devices (browser, desktop, or mobile.)

The many features Office 365 includes may lead some organizations to assume Microsoft includes backup and recovery among them. This is not completely accurate.

While Office 365 does include some basic data protection features, Microsoft does not assume full responsibility for any organization’s data. It only provides a few tools for its customers to protect the data they store in Office 365. To fully protect their data, each organization must assume full responsibility for backing up and recovering any data that it stores in Office 365.

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