12 high impact tasks for CTOs to increase team performance – in less than 30 minutes


Most CTOs would prefer to be wrestling with fun technical challenges than be bogged down in messy personnel issues.

But the key leader with responsibility for driving performance across the entire technical organization must recognize how detrimental it is to ignore those people problems. After working with technology companies for over 15 years, Brilliant Training has identified a set of simple tasks that a CTO can do to initiate positive and meangful change without getting their hands dirty.

This guide includes:

  • Activities to build high performance teams, many that take 30 minutes or less
  • 9 of the 12 activites are totally free
  • A way to instantly leverage best practices in people management by accomplishing a simple task

Utilize this guide of powerful and simple actions you can instantly take to immediately impact the performance of your teams.

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